Neuromuscular Therapy is an modality that targets trigger points (painful areas within a band of muscle that referrs pain to other areas of the body.  I have had people come in that were about to undergo surgery for an area to discover all they had was a trigger point.  A trigger point may be active (painful) or latent (quiet but still there...but referring pain elsewhere).  Trigger points are restrictive.  As they are released a new feeling of easeis generally experienced.  The next 24-48 hours may show greater improvement as injured tissue will release and repair. 
 CranioSacral works with the core system of the body, the dural membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.  This system allows the detection of restrictions that may inhibit favorable physical and emotional function.  The method is soft and gentle which does not engage the body's natural self-defence mechanism.  This in turn invites the practitioner into deeper levels of tissue, organs, and potentially any debth into the body.  Thus dis-eased tissue is given the chance to self-correct.
Lymphatic Drainage Plus is a light & gentle method to flush the lymphatic system that is located just beneath the surface of the skin.  When the area is flushed the underlying muscle may become far easier to work with.  Lymphatic Drainage Plus gives the body a better opportunity to unload interstitial fluids that may potentially cause swelling, pain, & toxicity.
Myofascial is a gentle application of sustained pressure into fascial restrictions resulting in increased flexibility and pain relief.
Micro-current Point Stimulation (MPS)-electronic accupuncture (no needles).
Bulging Disks, TMJ, Vertigo, Head Aches, Neck, & Back Pain, Stress, Injury & Trauma, Unexplained Pain (does not show up on X-Rays or MRI, aka "Its in your head"), Fibromyalgia/Myofacial Pain Syndrome, & Many Other Disorders
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